The Smiling Lie


the everyday,

come and fade away,

in the light reborn.

Have a heart,

for endlessly

exploding galaxies

shower us now.


I don’t remember

a time unlike this one I’ve known.

Trust is just

a memory.

I’m losing what I’ve known I’ve done

in to the wind.

Just a chance

for me to regain

all those things I wish I’d known.


Run away

from innocence.

Divided on my own accord.

Trust in just an endless lie.

A smile pulls back

on rows of teeth,

shaper than

my ability

to run from all that I have done.


I’ll learn to live.

Somehow in

this fading day

I’ll reach up to the Sun

and reclaim

my ailing ways

from the eyes of the smiling lie.



they’ll always fade

and pain will still remain.

The body heat,

the savagery,

of love and lust and blood.


I will exist.

I will exist.

I will exist.

I will exist.


HG – 2018

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