The Last Day

What may come,

this grey and ponderous sky.

What revelation,

might shake our reverie?

Eyes gazing into the fog

of uncertain future forward.

Hearts and limbs

bridging the gap

between now and then.


A minute more

and the day shall betray us.

Hold fast!

Head up

and strong in stature.

Let never fear of dragons

forbid our progress.

Reach out.

Step forward.

Hang on.


Call it Faith,

or courage,

or carelessness.


some consequence in peril.

Step forward blindly,

for even the best plans

fade in the light of dawn;

our unscrupulous fellow traveller.


What we are

we could never hurdle,

our problem, insurmountable,

each quandary,

an unsolvable equation,

lest our perspective stand

and stagnate our resolve.


No new perspective gained from held positions.

Abandon quickly

our comforts,

our nesting ledge.

Fly, for only flight

gains us the altitude

necessary to survey our held beliefs.



is fear

and terror vanquished.


is meeting the Sun

after the rain.


is reaching

ever higher,

for the light of even

the darkest day

is sufficient to see our way.


It may cost us all that we have

to gain that much more.

To survive,

we must lose what little

we hold dear.

What may come

from this grey and ponderous sky?

Perhaps the answer;

that it will take all that we are

to become something we cannot comprehend.


HG – 2018

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