The Pit

That feeling,

in the pit of your stomach;

the one that feels

like the bottom just fell out

of the world.

The dead weight,

like cement for breakfast.

That sour twisting

of an insane knife.


It is a warning

that things have now gone

from a place we understand,

into the dark unknown,

where fear lives

and monsters dwell.

A diabolical province,

into which,

we do not go willingly.


It is an omen.

A blind clairvoyant.

“Trust your gut.”,

they say without irony.

The sly smile,

the obfuscation,

the leering hands;

your stomach knows these.


The threat of violence.

The lying lover.

Adrenalin dump

and there goes the world,

down the bottomless

pit of shadows;

alien and relentless.


It is a terrible alarm

that you are entering

territory not your own.

It is a voice

in the darkness

calling out your name.

A lighthouse,

A beacon sound,

A herald’s trumpet,

blasting a signal

to let you know

that life is about to change,



It is terrorizing.



but wise.

That pain,

that knot,

that hole

in the pit of your stomach;

if it is one thing,

it is not a lie.


HG – 2018

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