A path arose before me.

I was tentative,

but what lay behind

was more terrible

than what lay ahead.


I was mesmerized,

bewildered by the starlight

and the promise

of a newborn day.


I tarried in the shallows,

never going too deep,

but quaintly ageless.

I hungered for release;

the type that only birds know

on their final flight.


I climbed up out of the trenches,

debated fortitude

with noble friends

under enemy fire,

then opened up again

and watched the Earth curve

and the horizon burn

as we broke the hold of Gaia.


I settled on the beaches,

looking for a post card,

but instead,

I found there was a fire beneath.

Paradise is laid

on foundations of brimstone

and that’s a known fact.


Years later,

in my wiser years;

I took a look outside

and again,

I felt the beckoning

of my wandering soul.

The call,

not to participate in history,

but to realize the future.


Another step,

but what could I learn?

another step,

what more can I become?

another day,

another new horizon.

Another chance

to leave the old behind

and remain new.


Let History have the dead,

the future calls only the living.


HG – 2018

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