Out of Darkness

A dark corner,

face dismayed.

I never saw you look that way



I use light words,

reach out,



I cannot recall

what it takes

to draw you out.


I am no better equipped

to save you

than you are

to save yourself.


I know darkness,


but my darkness

is not yours.


All I can do

is tell you

I love you

and that I will be here

for a long time.


But I can’t reach in

and drag you out.

No, I can’t save you that way.


In the dark corners

of our minds

we save

all of our pain

and sometimes that is who we are.


I’ll be over here,

leaving a light on.


Maybe I can remember

the words to your

favorite song.


I’ll do what I can

to coax you out

of those dark corners

if I can.


It’s really up to you.

It’s always up to you.


I’ll be waiting

for you

over here.


HG – 2018

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