Building a Garden Shed

I have a board and a nail

and I’m going to build something good.

I need another board

and a whole bunch of nails

and the knowledge to work;

to shape,

to plan,

to see.


Is this thing that I am building


in the future?

Does it stand



and proud?

Does it still

fulfill its purpose?

Or has it succumbed to rot,

and age, and wind,

falling in around itself?


Does it even get built?

This one board

and this one nail,

do not a structure make.

It will only be

with planning,

and work,

and vision,

and perseverance

that my dream becomes reality.


Only with another board

and another nail

and another,

and another,

and another

does the picture in my head

become a physical thing.


I might even need help.

Two more hands.

Two more eyes.

Another heart to beat.

Another mind to think.


we have increased our individual potential

a thousand times,

but we have also taken on

the problem of each other.


Sharing a dream

can be one big problem,

or it can be a whole pack

of little problems,

but either way,

we’ve got our work cut out for us.


One board

and one nail,

a dream,

a vision

and someone to share it with.

Maybe now,

things built will exist

and last a little longer.


Maybe this is the point;

how it was meant to go

from one

to another,

and another,

and another,



HG – 2018

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