Voice Box

I’m just a voice.

Hear what I say.

You make your choice,

living this way.

Out in the sky,

so far away.

We’re all gonna die

and every knows,

but nobody says.


Maybe that’s why

I’m speaking at all,

to hear my own voice

before I fall.

Raise my eyes,

I could be anywhere at all,

but I’m here,

though I’m not clear

if I was called.


The wind blows

and I hope

it can carry me

Take my words

out in the world

until they bury me.

So much can happen

in one life,

but very little certainty.

The truth is

no one hear you

until you speak.


So I guess

I’m just speaking to be heard

and writing every word,

because this is our

only means of connection.

Ask us later on

if we knew we’d be gone

and we won’t answer.


If I have noise to make,

I better make it now.

No time like the one I’m in

to open up my mouth

and let the words come out

and see what happens after.


HG – 2018

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