The Custodian

Catch me in dreams.

Leave me by the light of morning,

vanishing with the hues

of purple-blue and violet wonder.

Before you were you,

I was more than an idea,

insinuating through

your synapse forest

at my leisure.

I was not a lost response,

an adaptation weeded out

by evolution and convenience.

You restrained me at your peril.



and in the night,

between the stars

I’m waiting.

Draw you near

with flared receptors,

ready to receive me.

All of your kind

has known me,

but once only.

Few are called

and fewer still are chosen.


By the time you go

and face the daylight,

you will have known

my altruistic gesture,

giving you a sense

of greater purpose,

or sinking dread

and deathless anticipation.

Roll into your life

and leave me at the sound

of chimes and bells

and devices casting

ridiculous aspersions,

but once I have known you,

I will always know you.

I am nectar flower,

intangible ambrosia

and you would kill for me,

you just don’t know it.

No, not yet.


The sun will sink low,

supine rays reclining

along a distant horizon.

The days pain paid for

in blood an toil,

sweat and fear;


has made you home for me.


Eyes heavy;




into a deep sleep.

I will catch you,

cradle you,

consume you,

then recreate you

in exquisite vision.


Dream angel.

Soul soldier.

I am ready to receive you.

Just fade a little bit

along the edges

and let the dream

refine you.


HG – 2018

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