Be An Early Riser


is better than no times,

but not as good as always.

You will not remember

that which you don’t value.

Try to wake up,

forcing your eyes open.

Get up and be worthy

of every enemy.


We forget

that the touch of our hands

is a deadly thing.

We forget

our atomic minds,

our poison tongues

and what’s in our veins.

Docile and demure,

hostile and insane.

Presuming our innocence

was always a mistake.

The barbarian is at the gate

and he is us.


Take away your weapons,

sedate your mind

and answer all your questions.

Compromise your body;

feed you shit and sugar,

make you impotent

and malady afflicts you.

Mental health disconnects,

odious vagaries,

fed through your distractions.

Inaction becomes default position.


you’re not even a slave;

you’re a drone.


disposable and obsolete.

Replaceable by the next generation,

who have been programmed better than you.


In the night;

can’t you hear the screams crying?

The tide of dreams rising?

Tidal wave set to collide?

There’s a shit storm on the horizon.

There will always be a reckoning,

because we fuck with our natures

and we lose every time.

The circle comes back

to devour us.

So easily we forget

that our natural state,

is chaos.


Would you survive

a return to the times

before all of this was refined?

We are one of a kind,

all of one consciousness,

all of this

formed by one mind.

Caught in the consequence

of our day to day,

fade away circuses.

Wake up early

and grab your life

by the hypothesis.

Prove that you’re who

you are in all of this.



Wake Up

Get Up

Change The World



HG – 2018

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