Looking For Heroes




I’m not looking for heroes,

I don’t think they’re there.

I’m not seeking a savior,

to come out of thin air.

I’m not waiting for someone

to come heal my pain,

I’m just trying to make it through today

and I think you should do the same.


I’m not saying there’s nothing

that we don’t understand.

The world is like water,

time runs through our hands

and what we see is shifting,

like the lines in the sand,

so I’m placing my Faith,

these days,

in my own two hands.


I’m not saying there’s nothing,

a Heaven after the end,

but I’m not done suffering,

I know you understand.

If I can do something

to help repair and mend

my life, my love, my home,

I’ll do all I can.


No, there are no heroes,

just regular men,

and women and families,

taking a stand,

to face down a darkness

we can’t comprehend.

The light of this world

is a lover, a friend.


A truth told in daylight,

a hand raised to defend,

truth is a struggle,

no, freedom will stand.

I’m not looking for heroes,

I’m just doing what I can.


HG – 2018





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