… sometimes, it all comes together and it’s effortless, like the universe is just flowing through your fingertips. Other times, it’s not unlike teaching a rock and a toaster to fuck – senseless and impossible, but damned if you’re not going to spend precious time and frustration trying to make it happen.

I think that for those who are called to writing, it mostly just happens. I’m writing all the time. Every waking moment of my life is pulp for the press and I narrate constantly. I steal words from people’s mouths and stories from their lives. I create vast and improbable backstories for strangers and imagine that every cloud is hiding some secret, and every shadow, some terror. I am certainly never bored, but often tired. It’s not easy being intensely imaginative.

Of course, creativity isn’t always a blessing. My biggest blind spot is generally right in front of my face and I have been known to be a wee bit absent minded from time to time. I can focus on a task, but it’s an exercise in discipline sometimes to keep my mind from wandering off on some strange tangent or other.

That’s why I have this blog. That’s why I write poetry. It’s a free for all, where any and all ideas get spouted out onto the page and very little editing happens. Word therapy, I guess. I’m often surprised with what comes out, because I tend to write early, say 04:30 in the morning every day and then never review, or revisit the piece until I publish it here. It’s like a little trip down the psychological side streets of my week as I type out the words from my notebook.

I’m going to keep going for the foreseeable future. As this blog approaches 1000 posts, I’m keen to get to work on a few other things, but for now, this gives me my creative outlet and doesn’t require the huge time investment that the future projects will. I know that banking on future time is risky, but if I died tomorrow, I’m happy with this body of work. It may not all be good, but it sure is there; and there’s lots of it.


More to come tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.





























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