Luck & Dopamine

A small mind

trying to climb

on some big idea.


if not understandable.

I’ve reached a place

of repetition,

where I’m just thinking

the same thoughts


and again

and again.

Maybe this is all

I’ll ever know,

ever understand,

or only what I can communicate.


Living is a pantheon

of miseries.

A couple smiles

and one or two things

you’re willing to die for.

Such is the life of mortal man;

not so much vain struggling,

as it is

a noble function

of pain and adaptation,

need and circumstance,

luck and dopamine.


So how does one

insignificant being

have the plumb audacity

to try to think outside

and understand beyond

experience or station?

A quantum computer,

a lightning rod,

held up

into a clear, blue sky.

How did we discover

we can call the lightning?

How did we get to the moon?

How did we figure it all out?


Small minds

with an undying curiosity,

asking inappropriate questions,

mistaking chance for knowledge,

but never stopping.

I’m sure we will learn

what we need to know,

for today’s answers

beget tomorrow’s questions.


Take in the information.

Make a decision.

Act it out.

We’re gonna be wrong,

running on luck and dopamine,

but a little inspiration

has gone a long way.


HG – 2018

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