Keep Going.


It’s what I hear over and over.

The mantra in the dojo,

in the literature

and now,

it’s in my head.


Keep Going.


It works.

It has no equal.

There is no substitute

for being present.


my neophyte mind

just wants to be more present

and more acute

and more honest.


Keep Going.


Nothing reveals

my corrupt and vile inner nature,

like setting out a course

that I have already forsaken.


When every lie I’ve ever told

comes back to call me “Father”,

when every indiscretion

grips me like a spider

and I feel the light of virtue,

but my sins cling to me

like the tar and feathers…


… Keep Going.



and then live larger.


and then speak louder.


and then run faster.


and then hit harder.


Raise the eyes

and straighten the spine

and cry out loud

and own my faults

and tell the world

my truths

are not negotiable.



and if necessary;


but one thing that I cannot do anymore;

is stop.


Now that I have known momentum,

I must keep going.



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