Into The Savage Lands

Time to do

that all encompassing thing.

Shake off that narrow

and myopic mind

and take in the big picture.

Time to put aside

the has-beens,

the never-was

and the gonna-bes,

because this is a time

for rough men.


This is a time

for brushed browns

and muted greens.

This is a time

for hard wood

and cold steel.

This is a time

for making your bed,

cleaning your room

and setting your house in order,

because when you come back;

if you come back,

you’re going to want to come home

to a little order.


A small thing in a turbulent world,

but epically important.

You can tell

by the harrowed look

in the eyes of the day-to-day folk,

that their lives have no order

and they are slaves to the chaos.

They figured they were okay,

“Just winging it.”,

but life,

with all its battles,

and all its treachery,

and all its pitfalls;

is something you should most definitely

not wing.


Time to go;

back into the savage lands,

back into the wild places,

the places where your money

and your status

and your self esteem,

don’t matter to the world.

The only worth you have

is what you make.

What you own.

Human beings carved mountains

to reflect the things they held dear,

shed blood

on every exposed piece of rock

and sand, and soil,

that this planet had to offer.


Who we are and what we are,

are the progenesis of Will..

Will that discovered fire,

beat back the darkness

and ate all of the mammoths.

All of them.

Remember that;

when your Will fails you

and you find yourself

haggling with your own wretchedness

for one more hit of the snooze button.

When you’re throwing a rage fit

in the same traffic you were in yesterday.

When your relationships fail,

because you spent no time on them,

gave nothing to them,

sucked up, faked it, lied, cheated,

pretended and squandered time.


Now it’s over.

We ate all the fucking mammoths.

Now it’s time

to make good

on an old promise

that our ancestors made.

That we are worth

a million years of evolution.

The time has come

to return

to our roots.


HG – 2018

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