I have given up.

I am no longer fighting

this feeling of


Hold on tight,

because the grave is calling

and it’s beckoning words

echo through all time.


There is no escape.

it is inconceivable

to deny this journey

has opened my eyes

and my mind is so

bewildered and curious

that I can’t turn away.


I have to admit,

all that I have done

up until now

is be my enemy.

All I have done

up until now

is deny gravity.

Never reaching the sky

on the back of this futility.


I’ve known

what I need to do

for so long

and now I can’t wait anymore.

One day,

each second

at a time,


Cells are changing,

brain is learning,

time and time and time and time

keeps ticking on.


The grave is calling.

DM’s inbound.

Death is no surprise,

but you’ve got

a job to do

before you’re allowed to leave.


Don’t deny destiny.

Don’t even try.


don’t even try.


HG – 2018

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