The Procrastinator

I am not

what I was;

not what I’m going to be.

No more there,

here for now,

then somewhere else in time.


So easy

to just slide along

my own chronology

in disconnection,

but The Now

has all my favorite people

and the future is full of death.


So there is work

to do at present,

settle the mind in

for a while

and build some shelter

for all those futures,

death is coming,

but life precedes.


It would be so easy

to just let it go

and drift away

along the breeze,

but the leaves

only keep the rain off

in groups

while on the tree.

When they fall,

we burn them.


There is no time

like the present

to make all your moments


Alive in the moment,

only this moment,

the next one

might be your last.


Die for the chance

to make it all up to them.

Peace with this world

and everyone,

or fight

for your chance

to see the miracle

of tomorrow coming.


People think

that living is easy

and dying is hard;

so backward,

so enviably naive.

The value of this

is merited by the struggle,

the quality of pain

and the time spent in its company,

ages like fine wine.

We are the culmination

of all our misfortunes.



pray for rain,

pray for hardship;

knowing you’ve prepared for it.


why wait for tomorrow?

Today is your eternity.

Today is your forever.

This is your life.


HG – 2018

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