Trust in a Hand Basket

Sleep with me

and I will touch you

like no one has touched you

and I will make you love.

I will pleasure you,

until I betray you;

let that sink in

for a minute.


Think with me,

we’ll share our visions,

we can reason out

the universe,

until we disagree,

then I will call you crazy

and say all your ideas

are insane.


Strive with me,

in our most mortal contests;

you and I

driving each other forward,

but if you succeed,

I will call you “Criminal”

and have you imprisoned

for all my failings.


Believe with me,

share our innermost fears

about who we are

in the universe

and if our faiths divide,

then I will kill you;

for my God demands

my obedience.


HG – 2018

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