Let there be light

to birth the heart,

that in turn shall birth the world

and without the light,

no thing that shall be,

shall be.


Let there be form,

for in the amorphous dark,

we were formless

and there was no need

to perceive it.

That light is words,

each spoken softly,

from the lips,

to eternity.


A thought,

spreading like a shattered vessel,

sparkling gems of existence,

spinning out into nowhere,

for even the space

had not existed

before the light prescribed it.


It has been a long time

since we woke up

on that first dawn.

It’s funny how

we now think of ourselves

as creatures of the light,

when before,

in the dark,

we were boundless.

We lived forever

and saw in colors

you can’t even imagine.




we are fleeting;


but our consciousness

is as old as time.

From the singularity

before time existed,

to this moment,

straining the fabric,

fulfilling the syllables

of those first words.

A day,

in the life,

of the infinite.


HG – 2018

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