Out of the Blue


I don’t understand

and I’m not sure I ever will.

Time is short;

too short

for the curious.

It doesn’t end here,

or so the stories go,

but it doesn’t seem like

we get to hang around.


Wondering why

is sometimes

like trying to live


There’s no point to deny

all of these

unanswered questions.

Will pursuing all of the answers

culminate in an afterlife,

or are we better off

accepting fate

and enjoying our time?



shine a light

into the future,

into our souls.

The work and wonder

bear fruit

that feeds us as we grow.

Is it our fate to wander

in the universe?

I wonder,

but I don’t know

and maybe that’s the point.


Try to think thoughts

that are bigger than,

thoughts that are bigger than


As we climb

into the sky,

eventually we lose altitude.

Out of our atmosphere;

into the black,

out of the blue.

There is more mystery

than one life time

can put a mind to.

Is it worthy to wonder,

or do we just make do,

with the time that we have;

one brilliant interlude.


Nursing our souls

for the next

leg of our journey.

Do we seek

to know more

than we do?

I don’t have

all or any

of the answers

and I’m not all that sure

that I want to.


HG – 2018



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