Invisible Walls


Trapped behind

invisible walls.

Sitting here


atomic bombs.

Never feel the blast,

don’t know if they’re

going off at all.

I guess we don’t really know

whose time we’re on.


Sit out in the rain

just to watch the storm.

Outside I am cold,

but in my mind I’m warm.

A little peaceful thunder

before I go off to war;

invisible walls

have invisible doors.


So, maybe this pace

might be a little aggravating;

grating on the brain,

no alleviating.

This time is lame;

a brief remediation.

The boredom that takes place

before the chaos reigns.


Build up

that fortress in your mind.

all those walls that bind

can protect you for a while.

I sit and wait,

but when I’m done this day,

I’ll have to build another place.


Safe here in the storm.

No walls,

or all;

a thousand feet tall.

Right up to the sky,

safe and sound inside,

until I rise

and walk out the door,

into a world

I’ve never known before.


HG – 2018



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