Forward and Down

Like shooting stars,

like the many arms

of a connection on

an automaton.

Crashing down again,

the most simple plan;

gravity is the cord

dragging this whole thing


and down.


Never set the sights

higher than the eyes.

Keep the brightest light

slightly to your right.

The world is in your hands,

bound down by the plan.

Your near-field experience

is so clear it’s just

something you don’t understand.


For every


that burns up

in the sky,

a thousand pass us by.

Our plans all go awry

when we deceive

our minds

and the impossible

becomes invisible.


Connections aren’t the kind

they plug into our minds;

they’re physical,




Everyone is everything,

all the time,

so when you fall

it’s felt all around;

forward and down.





progress is an accident.

Choices are the precedent.

Inspiration Heaven sent.

Principle is energy,

rest of us eventually

fade back to the dust we made;

miracles are commonplace.


You need only to raise your eyes,

reach out your mind,

hands by your side

and take one step

into the unknown.

This is how

we made it to now;

this is how we grow.


We don’t have to know it all.

All of our momentum

is in the way we fall.

Gravity pulls us to the ground,

our feet move,

forward and down

and we go up.

Don’t give up.

We’re all plugged in

to the same thing.

Just keep managing

your fall,

up to the stars;

it’s the way we are.


HG – 2018

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