You’re irreplaceable.

Even with all your faults,

you are still immaculate.

A singular creature,

existing in defiance

of the snakes

at the base of the world,

the confusion and the chaos.


You are still untarnished

by the fire,

unvanquished by deceit,

illicit in your words

and strong in your nature.


I admit it;

I took you to be

another one of those

two-bit fools,

those marionettes,

dancing to the strings;

the music that we all can hear,

but only some of us

seem to find the rhythm.


I realize now,

and not to absolve you

of your wrongs,

but I took it personally

and that was my choice.

I chose to hold on

to that negativity.

Even after I said,

“I forgive you.”


Now you shine.

Morning time.

There’s still a cup of coffee

and a cigarette,

but maybe not as many

as there used to be.

Good choices come slow;

those things are hard to come by,

but they’re there,

a little more every day.


Destruction comes quick,

quicker that we can imagine,

but progress,

man, she can be fickle,

and stubborn;

but you’re stubborn, too

and one of a kind,

under this endless sky.


HG – 2018

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