Lost on Water

It’s never easy

to believe,

to stand

in the face of fear,

to understand

that you will never understand,

to break in pieces

and return whole.


To sail the oceans,

get lost on water,

be set adrift

and taken under,

broken and battered

by the waves

and wash up on shore

alive again.


To fight the demons,

to lose your soul,

dragged to hell;

your own creation.

Consumed by fire

and addiction,

wish for salvation,

but suffer so.


And then an sunbeam

comes through the window

and you accept it,

hold the fuck on,

as love drags you

back to your feet;

a shattered person,

but alive.


Lost in the hatred,

terror and violence,

suffer in silence,

regret and sorrow.

Suicide and guilt,

shame and frustration,

ever word spoken

is a broken promise.


Deeds of the hands,

crimes of the heart,


live in your head,

but no one thing

can take your soul,

can make you yield;

no, not yet.


One quiet morning,

one amber evening,

one midnight silent,

you will hear

the sound of someone,

 some familiar

drawing near.


Tear out your needles,

put down your knives,

set down your pistol;

go to the door.

put your hand

upon the doorknob,

turn it slowly

and there you are.



with the whole world,

all of forever

at your feet.

One step away

from the greatest journey

of your existence.


It’s amazing

what we survive,

what we must suffer,

what we must do;

to know salvation

and adventure

in the unfolding

of the world.


HG – 2018

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