Timing is Everything

It’s not that
I ever had to burn the past,
it took care of itself that way.
Left now,
looking for a forward;
there’s no going downward
and up isn’t in time.
There are no “Good old days”.
Left to me now,
is only now
and handful of memories.

I am trapped
in a cycle of circles,
in a circus of spirals,
danger behind us,
beside us,
inside us.
Oh, where does the now end
and the future begin?

I was told
patience is a virtue,
but what they really meant
is timing;
timing is everything.

Out of synch with the cosmos,
get it all together.
All you’re lacking is the
hear beat
of the universe.

Feel it in your skeleton,
Feel it in the DNA.
Every single atom
that equates you.

In between the moments,
there are more moments;
it goes on forever.
That’s where we’ll find Heaven.

Feel your skin against the air,
the reality of being.
The stimulation’s deeper
than touch and pain and pleasure.

Inside you
there are electrons,
neutrons and protons,
firing little dendrites;
you are a miracle,
trapped by an illusion.

is a manufactured prison.
We are all eternal,
all we see
is what we can see;
not all there is.

So breathe
and live;
just remember to take it all in.
I’m doing all I can,
by doing all I can
and all that I am
is moving forward.

Knowing one day,
one step
will take me out of time.
Until then,
I think I’ll just live this life.

A day among the people.
A day into the summer night.
Never looking backwards,
except to get my bearings right.
Until the afterlife.

HG – 2018

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