The Past Dragon

So it comes back to this;

this beginning

and the circle comes around.

Break the dials,

snap the throttle off

and try to leap to safety,

or maybe certain death,

but anything is better,

better than this,

or at least what I

believe this to be.


All I know is fear.

It’s taken my most of my whole life

to mend and soothe the scars,

to ease the rising tide

of bile in my throat.

In my mind,

I know I’m gonna run,

’cause if I fight,

I’m fighting to the death


Changing course,

even just degrees,

has been a comfort,

but in that brief reprieve

I have been denied

my inevitable

lifetime confrontation

with my design.


In my fear I’ve lied,

deceived and obfuscated,

tempted my destruction,

immolated and survived.

I have been trained

and maybe now I’m ready

to turn and face the dragon

I’ve been keeping close.

Unable to let go,

unable to vanquish.


A story, to be sure,

but I’m not sure I want it told,

but maybe truth;

my story is not about me.

It’s about the people

who helped along the way.

Maybe that ‘s the tale,

as I might not survive

my final battle with the dragon,

but they will all be saved.



it comes back to this,

the story of my life.

The one I can’t escape.

It’s time to go to war.


HG – 2018

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