Liberty Awake

To the bitter end,

where I said I’d be,

where I said I’d go.

The pressure of this evolution,

not in the least bit hostile.


I set to rend

this picture from its framing.

I set to light

this fire and walk away,

but then I saw you

stand upon your pyre

and climb down to me.


Giving up was never in my nature.

I’m tenacious,

take that for what it’s worth.

I’m not giving up my guns,

I’m not giving up my love;

even miracles

need guardians.


There is a less than subtle difference

between the sword in my hand

and the one they used

to cut you down.

Justice wept

and Grace just crumbled

at the news

of their sister’s demise.


I stand by,

as silent as a battlefield.

Early in the morning,

long before the sun;

I listen

as I work about my garden

for that one, audible “click”

of a cocking hammer.


You reached out for me

delicate as feathers,

yet I feel you,

strong as bronze and angels.

You met me

and the moment I was mourning

became jubilation;

a second resurrection.


I said I’d stand here

in strength

and in weakness,

in war and peace,

in winter

and in spring;

defending you

with my last respiration,

with my last heart beat,

to the bitter end.


HG – 2018

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