I think I’m gonna need a second.

Hold on,

let me brace myself…

… now;

lay it on me, Brother.

I can see

this is about to get

so fucking heavy.

Tell me all of your opinions,

straw man and abominations.

Weak and uneducated,

but spit directly from the pulpit.


Tell me what you think of guns

and God and all your ex-lovers.

Lay out your perspective

on complex geopolitics,

gay marriage, immigration,


and don’t forget

to tell me

what’s wrong

with my life.


My God, it’s incredible.

Like watching a chimpanzee

explain String Theory,

or Quantum Mechanics.

I don’t think you have a fucking clue,

but you sure do

want the whole world

to know your opinion.


Brace yourself

for bitterness,

know-it-all narcissist,

intellectual featherweight,

ridicule and veiled hate.

In not so many words

you have exposed your point of view

and I’ve figured out

what’s wrong with society;

it’s people like you.


Hold on,

let me sit down,


I can see you’re angry,

visibly emotional.

What’s going on now?

Tell me what you learned on the internet

that has you so upset

without all of the facts.

Tell me about the love

who betrayed you,

but if they came through,

you’d take them back.


Tell me again how

the Patriarchs

took your future

and the glass ceiling is stifling

and you’re pro-choice

and you’re anti-gun

and you’re powerful,

but the problem with this world

isn’t you.

It’s men and their dick heads,

it’s poverty

and sickness.

Their fault the world’s afflicted,

over populated, over stimulated

and expectations are too high

for women

in the Western World

and the price of love

is too high

for a small town girl.


I’m sorry,

but I stopped listening

a minute or ten ago.


solves nothing;

being offended

is getting old.

You’re uninformed,

you’re uninvolved

and your anger doesn’t make you right

and even if it did,

why would you expect it would change me?

You’re railing

against a lack

of accountability

while coveting every convenience.

I don’t even care that you’re a hypocrite;

nobody’s perfect

all of the time.


Just slow down

and exist

in this world

for a minute.

Be one of the people in it.

I think you’ve forgotten

that you’re human, too;

not just your point of view.

Put down your echo chamber phone,

you know there’s nobody home.

There hasn’t been anyone there

for a little while.

One day you’re gonna see

the world that you seek

and you’ll be terrified;

trust me.


So just breathe

and live

and disconnect yourself.

The rest of the world and I

will be over here

when you need us.

It’s not what you believe,

it’s what you do

with the time given to you.


HG – 2018

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