Trying to grow

a new thing,

to conceive

of a future

where we’re not at war,

where we’re not alone;

strong roots

and stronger branches.


I tried my best

to prepare my soil;

the darkest earth

and plenty of shit.

I let it sit awhile,

creating something good.

Planted row by row,



I was told

that all a seed

wants to do,

is grow.

Not so different

from everyone

that I have ever known.

The rains are gonna come,

the storming and the wind

and if we’ve been treated well,

it will only serve

to strengthen our roots

and our base

and one day we’ll produce

something nourishing.


The future

is about planting possibilities.

To dig the earth,

to till the soil,

to plow the furrows,

to plant the seed,

to watch and wait and worry

and to pray.

Only by the sweat of our brow

do we remain.


Weed and wonder

and protect,

the future hasn’t happened yet,

but we can see

good things growing up

from what was once

just shit and mud.

The point of all this struggle

is just to plant the seed

and see

the possibilities.


HG – 2018

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