05.21.18 – A Few Words

I don’t do enough of these, these kind of updates and personal anecdotes. I like to think that everyone is just here to see the work, without the ego and the trappings of the modern writer, or blogger, that cast themselves always in the central role of their story. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it just, up until now at least, hasn’t been my vision for this evolution. That said; all things must grow and change, or be crushed under the wheels of progress, no? 

Art and writing and the broad frontiers of thought have always been my favored topography and canvas. Sharing these past few years with you all and having many of you enjoy the work regularly has been validating and gratifying to no end. It keeps me wanting to produce, wanting to delve back into the ocean of consciousness to see what delicacies I might bring up for you to consume, what treasures, what wonders. I have been made fuller by the task and have enjoyed the adventure immensely.

Things will continue in this format for the time being, but I have other ideas and other projects that I would like to work on and share with all of you. I suppose, that the end game is to one day make my living with words. They have been my constant companion since childhood and my refuge in dark times throughout my life. I dream of days, not unlike today, where I wake up and stroll to the keyboard and work; coffee in hand and my mind still half swimming in the dream world.

I will of course, continue to write poetry and publish it here, as poetry is how I capture my thoughts and tame my emotions. The words that you read here are primarily me, explaining the world and my place in it, to myself. This Blog should reach 1000 posts this year and I think that is a fine a milestone as any for a change.

I hope you all enjoy the work as much as I have enjoyed making it. Thank you for your time and for your passion for the written word. Thank you for your eyes and your ears that hear the words when read aloud and your lips for forming them, your tongue for tasting them and most of all; thank you for coming back, again and again. I will do my best to make each word worthy of the attention.


– HG

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