The hush before the roar,

the calm before the storm

the smell of ozone in the air

before the rain falls.

The straight stretch before the curve,

the draw of breath

before I speak the words;

so peaceful.


All this is gonna go,

either up in smoke,

or swallowed up

in the afterglow

with a sigh, or a groan.

A cry of surprise

is probably a lie;

we saw this coming

from a mile away.


Set the trap,

catch the bird.

Shut your mouth,

hear the words

to the song

as it’s being sung.

This is not a sad lament,

long evaded punishment.

Oh, it all seems Heaven sent,

but our angels

aren’t here to save us.


We’re crossing past the black and blue.

Overtures all over you

and I can’t find the platitudes

to get you over

your ignorance and malice.


A bitter pill,

a placebo,

a poison;

oh, so pleasurable!

Hands on your body,

on your throat.

Oh, God!

It escalates so quickly.


There is no time,

only one long moment.

One million breaths,

but only one life.

We all have

just one second

to make all our choices

before we face obliteration;

before we know if we’re damned,

or if we’re saved.


So set the stage

for an encore performance,

ignore no details.

This is all you have to do;

be perfect.

Quit pretending

that it’s impossible to do.

Be a perfect you.


HG – 2018

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