Ego Tripping

I used to think

a lot of things

I don’t think now.

My attitude’s improved,

at least I like to think

I don’t go so far down.

Man, I’m alive

and that’s alright,

but I don’t think it’s enough.

I’ve got a lot of stuff,

I’ve lived high,

I’ve lived rough,

but I still don’t know what

I’m missing.


Then some guy pulls up

in a jacked up truck,

taking up two parking spaces.

Talking on his phone,

makes himself at home;

entitled for entitlement’s sake.

It’s an old cliché,

it’s a real old saying,

but I’m pretty positive;

that ride,

that guy,

dripping all that pride

is probably a negative.


I gotta step back then,

stop myself,

because I’m no better than

any other man.

It’s that pride

that words its way inside,

like poison,

or a new infection.

It’s so easy

to seduce me with me,

when I’m feeling so damn sexy.


The mirror

and my echo chamber view

confirms my suspicions,

but it’s just

another lie I tell myself

and I can lie to me all day

Build up a hall of mirrors,

feeling so superior,

while I’m just another part to play.

I devalue myself

by getting on my high horse

and riding off into a fake sunset.



I gotta slow my roll,

bring myself home,

put down my phone

and bask back in my anonymity.

I’m no better than

any other man.

I’m just breathing my breaths,

playing chess with Death

and trying

to make good on a promise.


I gotta

let me go.

It’s the only way

I’ll know

what I’m really worth.


HG – 2018

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