Doomsday Machine

So, this is where

things get awkward.


don’t come easily,

but I promised myself

that I would be


There’s an infinity between

you and I

and I’ve counted all my blessings;

gazing out at the stars,

so alone

and comfortable.


Here we are,

building an atom bomb

without ever thinking

that this thing could go off

and damage me

and damage you.

We must be out of our minds,

but we don’t seem

to be stopping.


I guess,

this is where

the rubber meets the road.

This is where the angel

gets its wings.

This is where we failure test

everything we’ve made.

I take your silence as assent,

initiate the breakdown

and we stand back,

holding our breath,

hoping it survives the drop test.


Every trigger switch

was made for this,


the final sequence.

How has it come to this?

Now we’re about

to end it all?

We’re so much stronger

that this;

so much more rational.

Give me a sign,

just one indication

that you and I

stand a chance

of surviving,

standing at Ground Zero.


I’m not looking for a lie.

I’m looking for the honest

look in your eyes.

A little afraid?

well so am I.

It’s probably normal

to feel this way

when everything

rests on the next

thing we say.



we’ll break our silence.

This isn’t what

either one of us

expected this to be

and that’s okay.

This is our little bomb;

our own little

doomsday machine.

It might just be

the end of you, or I,

or everything,

but it just might be

the greatest thing

each of us have ever done.

If we can only keep our fingers

off the button.


HG – 2018

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