Virtue Signals


You gave me your word,

whatever that was worth.

Judging by the aftermath,

not much.

The end begins,

not with a cry,

but with a promise

that it’s enough.


Grapes are bound

to wither on the vine,

a very fine distraction

from an old enemy of mine.

I’m too busy,

stomping last year’s failures

into wine

to come and save you

from selling me out.


Why would I

stop you?

Why would I

deny you?

Why would I

dismiss you,

moments before

your big reveal?


You’ve cloaked yourself

in a fashion

of haute couture

and victimhood,

in an effort to conceal

your true intentions.

Successful until now,

you’re about to expose yourself,

revealing all your little secrets;

the things that have made you

so pathetic

and forgettable.


Don’t stall for time,

you might as well

just get it over with.

I have been on to you

for quite a while now.

Naked and afraid

isn’t quite the same.

The virtue’s in the eye,

the body knows the name

of every little lie

and you have them in spades.

The difference

between being honest

and being exposed,

is the value of shame.


Play me

like an old piano.

Sell my bones,

a bit of dust.

I’m acquainted

with your lies now,

won’t waste time

on any trust.


So let’s begin

this evisceration;

yours, not mine,

just so we’re clear.

Appropriate for this situation,


and fear.

At least now I know

you’re human;

those aren’t crocodile tears.


HG – 2018

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