Of Dreams and Nightmares



I thought you escaped me.

I awoke,

lost in the in between stage

of dreams and nightmares.

Not sure which

I’m waking up to.


in a mental prison,

or free

to take part

in the miracle?


Barely found the strength

to face my terrors.

Open my eyes

and find you absent.

How much more

could I bear

upon waking?

In the still-dark

of the small-time.


Reaching out to you

feels like I’ve been

treading water.

My arms are so heavy,

they can barely move.

Caught in the undertow

of my subconscious.

Rising to meet you

and I thought

you were gone.


Knowing that I

must face

this demon down,

I force one eye

and then the other


They take in

nothing, but total darkness

and then I hear,

breathing low.


Inch my head over,

move my hand to the side

and I can see you,

and I can touch you

and you’re there.

My mind had conceived

that you would leave me

in the night time

and I would wake alone.

Here I am,

trapped in the place

of dreams and nightmares.



I move closer

to feel you next to me.

Drift off into the night;

okay to face something,

now that I know

that you’re there.

Why would my mind

induce in me

such a terror?

Seems like a question

for the waking mind.

Go back to sleep.

Good Night.


HG -2018

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