Egg Tooth


The world is turning,

the days go by,

this is how

we imagine time.

If it all stopped,

time would still move on,

even if we slowed the photon

our cells would still die

and we would still

know sadness

and loss

and have a grieving heart.


In the dark

I can hear you,

but I cannot see you.

You aren’t hiding,

you just don’t exist;

at least not in the way

I do.

You’re illusory,

a partial figment

of my imagining,

but I can hear you,

moving around,


and still protected.

When you emerge

and show yourself to the world,

you’ll be on your own.


I know why you’re still hidden.

Tapping away

at the shell that contains you.

Scratching away

at the lines that confine you.

Stepping outside of the time

that denies you.


seems like a fine idea.

Too bad we can’t hide forever.

The world resumes its course

and we must pay up

for the pleasure.


I see you now,

in this holy dawn,

rubbing your eyes like a newborn

and crying out

for some comfort

that I cannot give.

For I know the world will afflict

and you upon it

will inflict

untold horrors and masquerades.

Pretty soon,

you’re gonna lose

that egg tooth

and you’ll be gifted with abilities.

The only confines

in this life

will be time and gravity.


All these days are gone

and you’re a person,

waiting for your chance to be

someone unlike


that this world has ever seen.

You can’t stop

the day from changing.

You know it in

your cells,

it’s making

time to play

and time to everything.

Arms out wide,

receive your life


You’re still just

tapping away

in your shell.

Scratching away

at the inside.

All these lines still confine,

even if we slow the light,

we still feel like we’re falling.


HG – 2018



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