Forget it.

It was a just a dream

in the end.

That’s smoke

that you are trying to embrace.

Don’t feel abandoned

by what was never there.

Freedom was always free;

still is,

if you can find the balls

to stake your claim to it.

Every nuance of the simple gesture

of reaching out

gets the scrutiny

of a million eyes.


What was that?

A dream?

A Life?

Or an opinion?

At first it seemed so real,

but the more that you describe it,

it fades a little bit

along the edges.

So it must be a dream

that you’re living in.

Not that that’s so bad.

We all go

from dream to dream

and some of us

don’t ever wake completely.

Maybe they’re the lucky ones.

Rather that, than to be

one of the unfortunate,

that go from dreams to waking nightmares.


There’s no accounting for it all,

only we know that

our presence here is

not required completely.

It’s like we live in more

than one world

at a time.

Maybe more than one.

Maybe they stretch on

into infinity.

A spiral galaxy,

a universe

of endless possibilities.


I guess then,

the question remains;

do we get to choose at all,

which dream we shall awaken in?

Of all potentials,

can we dip our fingers in

and change the current,

even just a little?

Are we just

temporary vessels

at the mercy of the dream state?


Forget it.

It was all just a dream,


Don’t let it disturb you,

no matter how real it seemed.

It was just you mind

sorting through the dross,

the volume of useless data

that gets caught up

in your mental filter.

So close your eyes,

go to sleep,

wake up

in your prescribed reality.


those fuzzy edges;

this is as real

as you need it to be,

until you go to sleep.


HG – 2018



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