The Evening Tide


Come on in,

the water’s fine.

We’re breathing light,

the night’s divine.

All of our cares

been set aside,

lost upon

the evening tide.


We came as ghosts,

with brittle skin.

We lost a host

of conversions.

We grow in loss,

we fade away,

until tonight,

tonight we make

the stars call out.


A million voices,

filling Heaven,

reaching the damned

and solace

for the tormented;

a Savior for the lost.


Gathering from far and wide,

this magnificent


Here to meet the evening tide,

bringing in a way out.


Gather ‘round

and be calm.

when the Sun

shall come again,

you will be gone;

free of this condition.


Surrender your torments

and run down the hill

to the ocean.

Empty your cities

and put down your burdens;

the way out is coming soon.


Bring all your cares,

your children,

your lovers,

your parents.

The evening tide

will rise

higher than you’ve ever seen

to carry you all away.


And in the morning,

there will be silence.

So peaceful,

so austere.

Wondering what

the world would be like

without conflict,

constant anger,

gnawing fear.


Standing by

the cliffs

overlooking the ocean;

the tide’s gone out again,

the beaches clear.

Washing away

a million kinds of torment,

the sound of waves

is all I hear.


Give up all your

petty aggravations,

all you hollow men,

all you shallow creatures.

Evening comes

the tide will rise again.

come gather in

and be cleansed.


HG – 2018



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