I never know

quite where to start;

stand back and take it all in.

The scope of the damage

is at best


and at worst

terrifying enough

to drive me back on my word,

but I’m some committed, now.


Take me outside,

out behind the barn;

put me

out of your misery.

Relegate me

back to the Info-War,


a mutant contagion.


Shut him up;

the filthy Neo-Con,

constantly ranting


We’ve got a bullet

with his name.

I’ve already finished

with this charade.

The meek might inherit the Earth,

but one thing’s for sure;

the rest of us

won’t go quietly.


The big words

fill up our mouths,

the meaningless

fill up our heads,

the empty ones

occupy time

and Wall Street

and our universities.


The small ones

stick in our throats.

Tongues stumble

pronouncing their names.






Give me a break.


Well, I guess,

what the fuck did we expect?

We’ve introduced under duress,


of the rejects.

What we have lost in our day,

is how to make beauty from pain.

Our cast offs,

become our intrepids.


There’s something so good

in being broken

and shattered,

struggling to pick up the pieces,

find our place in the world again.

The benefits of betrayal,

the profits of being told “No”.

The secret of life everlasting

is knowing the builders

rejected the cornerstone.



will always be

the currency

we buy our lives with.

If it’s not any of ours,

someone else is bleeding out.


This is truth

and love,

and doubt,

and that’s why it’s

so hard

to start

coming around.


We’re all in pieces on the ground.


HG – 2018



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