Are you ready

for the Sun to come?

Are you done with

this endless darkness?

Hope opens your eyes,

now you’re left dealing

with the consequences

of your reckless hand.


Is there enough

left within you

to cover the distance

from your current status

to here?

Moving you to the light

from shadow

is more work than

we’re used to, here.


Once you’re free

of the last tendrils

of darkness,

will you heal well

in the sunshine?

Or will you burn

and itch and peel?

Degraded by exposure.

Consumed and vulnerable.


I guess that everyone

has to pay the consequence

of how they live

in darkness.

In the Sun

we heal,

but sometimes only after

the light destroys us.




Now I see that you’re

feeling better,

ready to get up

and move around.

Take in a little bit

of this bright life,

I know if feels alright,



When you’re good and healthy

and feeling stronger,

then you can

pick up your simple labors

and start to build

your life again.

Through sweat and toil

you’ll find who you are,

not who you’ve been.


Nothing feels like accomplishing



Life in the Sun

is good again,

so step into the sunlight.

Rest and heal your body

and your mind.

The work is all ahead.

Destruction is behind.

This is what it takes

to be alive.


HG – 2018



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