Making Miracles

I’m going to try.

For the very first time

in my miserable life,

to create magic

and perform miracles.

At this point,

nothing else will suffice.


Driven to the edge.

Flying blind.

More words are prayers

than “Hello.”

and “How are you?”


I traded away

so many days

and now I learn

that I could have been


I could have lived

a life filled

with miracles.


I ignored

and I denied

the impossible.

Claimed that I had already


I fell for the big con

like a champion.

Drank it in,

like I was dying of thirst.

Gave up on dreaming;

so insignificant.


I could have seen the light,

but I was turned away,

staring into my grave

and knowing I was never

good enough to save.



there is a kiss,

a kind word,

a cup of coffee

and a sunrise.

An extended hand

and I get up

and I can see again.


The scales fall from my eyes;

turns out,

I was blinding them.

Holding back,

but giving it all

to give in

and in my selfish obsession,

I realize

that I have missed

so much.


Everything I touch,

is magic.

Everything I trust,

is a miracle

and I am capable

of knowing it all.


So ashamed

and always disappointed,

that I denied

the things that make this life

worth living.

I’m alive,

nothing could be more special,

than to live

in this world of miracles.

If I just quit turning away.


HG – 2018

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