I climbed down

from vaunted places,

high enough

to touch the whole world

in a day,

perceive it

in an hour,


and pass judgement upon it,

grow tired

and ultimately neglect it.


I watched it turn,

but grew weary of its revolutions

and I longed to walk again

amongst its oceans,

bathe in its pools,


through its many walled gardens.

But I,

I had been imagined wrong.


I had been dreamed up


and half insane.

Divided my right

from my left;

my hemispheres

once conjoined,

now estranged.

Ascended in exile.


I wound down my afflictions

and drank moonlight,

until my skin glowed

and by scars receded.

I was called

and did not answer,

for the universe had confused me.

My one identity,

lost in a roster

of billions.


There was no interchange.

It was never cross-compatible.

I had ascended

because of my differences;

cast out

and even those things that made me,

they took,

and called them “Insufficient”.


So when I climbed down

from my place high up,

my first steps were tentative.

My heart yearned,

but my mind screamed

that the world

could not be trusted.


I almost didn’t come,

but now,

here I stand;

where the oceans meet the beaches

and I feel the sand

beneath my feet

and feel the cool, salt breeze

blows in from a distance.

Behind me,

a roaring fire

casts playful shadows

and there is laughter,

because there is still good

in the world.


I stare,

off into the endless stars,

that look so different

from this side.

Things come together here,

like they can nowhere else.

A place of convergence,

a place of mystery.

Where every spark

flies into the night sky

and yearns to be a star

and every star

wants to stand by the ocean,

listening to the wind,

watching the waves,

in the company of laughter.


HG – 2018

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