Embracing Water

Done with burning up the past

one torn piece at a time.

Finished with watching the flames dance

with every little bit of life.

Running out of memories

and too afraid to burn tomorrow.

Conversations just for one

to a flat screen known by name.


Missing handle,

missing avatar,

just a ghost in the machine.

Numbered for transgression,

defanged and declawed.

Stripped of hope,

stripped of value,

stripped of God.


Every subtle machination

hints at a thought,

whispers a tale

of timeless design,

of a truth

that is not clear.


Hidden in every deception,

is a begrudging compromise;

that when the sacrifice

is in the fire,

tomorrow becomes the price.


No way to accept,

or turn away from this;

a trammel,

of a tiger by the tail.

Today is already exchanging

for another,

more delightful problem.


Slip in and embrace it,

like holding on to water,

that lives from within.


this sublime dimension,

is like slipping a noose

around the neck

of a shadow.


It pulls tight,

to zero

and tomorrow still comes,

until we’re done

with living in

the river.

We get carried away

by every embrace.


HG – 2018

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