These were just words,

until you gave them wings;



Only lit your eye upon them

and they came alive

and took to the sky,

fulfilling a billion possibilities.


How would I deny

I placed them there?


for the future of mankind.

For never was a thing created

that was not first birthed

in the mind.

A never ending rapture,

before destruction comes.


Make no mistake;

for every one

that gives wings to an angel,

there is one whose mind

makes monsters of all things.

Small things into mountains,

slights into slaughters.

An inflection,

turns into a razor blade

and every point

a weapon.


This is why

there are still wars in the world.

Evil finds purchase

on the scars on our hearts.

Too easy for the words

to become excuses

and delight becomes the lover

of malevolence.


I make words lightly.

Easily shattered daggers.


there are times

when I purpose them differently.

Cold hammer forged,

button rifled,

honed straight,


and formed with only one intent.


This is why it is so important

to be able to eliminate ambiguity.

Speak plainly.

Choose good words.

Be concise,

not weak minded

and vague.

Have words

for every situation,

even if their power

is only in being withheld.


Be wary

and conscious of them always.

Police them like a weapon.

Steward them like the land.

The inexplicable;







is a hallmark of creation.


These were just words

before you read them

and now

they are thoughts in your head.

Make them angels,

angels of mercy.

Give life to creation.

Be God-Like.


HG – 2018

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