The Dawning Blade


Good morning,


This is a warning.


isn’t it.

The dawning

of a new day.

The drawing of a new blade;

each one comes

prepared to be

the last one

we will ever need.

It all depends

on where we place

our eyes.


Look up to the sky.

Bow your head a little.

Clear your mind.

Sit up straight.

We’re trying to align your spine.

Do this now,

or do it in

the afterlife.

A little insight

goes a long way

and you’ll need

all the help

that you can get today.

Believe me.


The universe knows

the things you don’t;

infinite discourse,

endless hope.

Unending suffering,

but a chance we’ll cope;

just make today

one less bitter thing.


Breathe deep

and feel all the world

fall away.

Don’t carry yesterday’s pain

into today.

Those things

that cling too tight

might need to be cut away

with the new knife

of a new day.


The storm is coming.

I need you at your best.

The strongest you can get.

Find strength you haven’t

needed yet.

Take up your blade,

the dragon’s come.

You’ll find out soon

the future

will be full of them.


Breathe deep.

Stand straight.

Stand tall.

There won’t be victory

for us all,

but there will be purpose.


HG – 2018

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