You wake up

with eyes that glimmer,

night sky wise,

deep and endless.

First breaths

stretch into your new skin;

this is a new day.

all is yours.


After a minute

of foggy headed,

get your wits about you,

you never abstain.

Just shrug into the day.

Don your burdens

like an old coat.


Never complaining about the Sun.

Never a whisper to the dark.

Just eyes that catch

the light

and a smile

that welcomes life,

to meet you at your doorstep.


I wonder if you know

that you could be

infinitely powerful.

Somehow I doubt

it would tempt you,

unless you could be show

how it would help another.


Breakfast and a thoughtful prayer,

spoken to the Holy High;

the energy of the day

drives you,

but it also takes from you.


I wish,

more than you could ever know,

that you could see

the seasons of your soul.

There there’s a summer

somewhere there,

hidden in the snow

of a long standing winter gale.


Dressed in the armor of the day,

fashions chosen for their

playful nature.

Every hair in place,

face made up

and only tasteful accents.

A picture of a modern life,

a smile for the morning sun.


These days,

pain is a friend

you never asked for,

but have known well,

longer than your lovers.

I pray you find

the strength you need.


I hope your smile

finds just rewards.

I hope your nature

is nurtured in return,

for all your labours lay

freely given

and never staged.


Strangely genuine.

One of those unique creatures,

rare enough to be mythical.

A caring soul,

trying to bear

the burdens of this life,

while staying beautiful.


You reflect the sunrise.

You answer the dawn.

You are a goddess of creation,

a one-and-only;



We tied our lives together;

each on a journey, but alone.

We chose to share our paths

between us

and make a life in this world.


I am blessed

beyond all measure

to watch you wake

into the world.

This whole thing

gets just a little easier to bear

with you beside me

when each day breaks.


HG – 2018

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