Danger Close

I grow tired

of even my own


Survival was never assured,

so I think,

I have held on to the masquerade

long enough.

Division traps the soul

and envy drowns her siblings.


every betrayal

is by nature

close to home.


Devoured in chaos?


walk away.

We all have the power to say “No.”

We don’t have to believe the lies;

not even our own.

Who would have thought

that cutting off

the sinning hand

would be the easy part?

Excising the lying tongue

is proving much more difficult.


Learning now

that there are two,

split like a serpent,

tasting the world;

delighting in it,

in mockery.


How do I act with kindness?

How do I treat the world

with gentle favor?

There is only one light

in this world.


I move my eyes skyward

to see if it obvious.

It is not,

so I guess I’m looking inward.

I must face

my demons underpinned.

My devouring heart.

My chaos snake,

eating its own tail,

consuming my past.


Here I go;

into the crucible.


HG – 2018

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