What are doing?

What are you doing,


Just answer the question.

I thought you’d be long gone

by now.


Turning my safest situation

into a cannonball.

I am gunpowder,

packed tightly

and you and I

are guaranteed a spark.


Isn’t it enough

that we know

we could just

raze all this

to the ground?

Or do we

have to do it

every time

we are around

each other?


You tear at me,





I pummel you,

my blows powerful.

Nailing you

with everything

I have within me.


I’ll hold you down,

I’ll choke you out;

it’s what you’re asking me.

You will happily oblige me,

with that knife between my ribs.

A poison kiss.

A loving fist.

A dismal mockery.


and sex

are just a different heartbeat.


God only knows

why we do this

over and over again.

I guess I’m into you,

like a city

and a tidal wave.

I hit you,

like a rock from space

thoroughly obliterates

all signs of life.

It’s easy to see how love

can turn to hate.


I look in your eyes,

I don’t see


to pacify.

Just satisfy

each and every

wanton desire.

Pierce your skin,

you taste my blood.

I make you feel me

and you do the same.

In the end,

we are irresistible.


No conscience to bear,

no craving,

or attitude to spare.

We tear down walls,

smash windows,

set fire to the world.

It’s over now,

part ways;

no shame in anything.

Until next time,

when we come;

we’ll destroy the world together.


HG – 2018



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