In Tatters


I watched you there,

dancing in my skin.

It hung in tatters

from your delicate limbs.

My bones were shattered,

but I took them up again;

a disaster,

but it was not the end.

You pumped my blood

with your perfect heart.

Through your veins,

I knew just from the start,

that you were insane,

raised to the highest art.

Eventually everything falls apart

and hangs in tatters.


You made wings out of my sinew.

Strips of flesh, thin as feathers.

You spread them wide

and stepped off the cliff;

gone into forever.

I couldn’t watch you,

for my eyes were yours;

all I could do is sense you

by some unknown force.

If you made it,

I never got word.

Around here, these days,

the wind is never heard,

but there are birds

standing on the old flag pole

and the colors of my soul

hang there in tatters.


I am just a man,

or at least I was.

Until I gave away my body

for a cause, because,

there are things

greater than me

and these things I love

are what really matters.

It’s not in me to fear

the ever after.

Time will leave

all things we love

in tatters.


HG – 2018


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