I didn’t know,

that thought,

made actual,

created words,

spoken clearly,

formed ideas,

created everything;

made the world.


I didn’t know,

that perception,

made real,

solidified images,

described time,

designated locations,

ascribed properties;

of our reality.


I didn’t know that words were powerful.

I didn’t know that the thoughts behind them

were so crucial,

because I didn’t know

that when words are spoken aloud

and perceived by the ear,

they became thoughts again,

in someone else’s head.

This could effect

how they think about the world

and maybe effect their actions.

Those actions could change the world.

Our words can change

how the world is perceived

and for us,

that is nearly the same thing

as changing the world.


So speak,

because the world needs to hear you.


because your words are powerful.


because only you have your mind.

It is what you will use

to change the world.


HG – 2018



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