But, The Man in The Moon…


I can only lead

as far as I know how.

I can only fly

on the wind that blowing.

I’m no alibi,

I’m a knot in your throat

when you try to speak

those saving syllables.


I’ve been weak,

weaker than you need.

Stronger than you deserve,

but life’s funny like that.

Ask all you want,

for the Man in The Moon,

but he’s gone, baby, gone;

has been for a long time.


Guess these days

would make anyone bitter,

but your eyes still shine

and your smile still glitters.

You’re a great many things,

but you ain’t no quitter;

You’re one of the strong ones.


I love you

more and more


The failure that I am

dies in the night.

I guess I never told you,

that The Man in The Moon

and I;

we move in the same circles.



HG – 2018



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